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3 Reasons Why Living in Retirement Homes Can Be Great for Aging Parents

Retirement Home

Living with an aging parent can present a difficult situation for any family, including the older relative. When medical conditions like dementia or Alzheimer’s are involved, these situations can quickly become impossible. Serious decisions have to be made, and they can often be extremely uncomfortable issues to discuss.

Many people believe that assisted living facilities for seniors are last resort options, but that’s simply not the case. For loving families around the country, these communities can be a lifeline. Here are a just a few reasons why assisted living facilities can actually be great for you, your family, and your aging parents.

Lifelong Learning Opportunities

Rather than your mother or father waste time watching nonsense daytime television, they’ll have more options than ever to expand their mind and actually improve their health.

At retirement homes, your parents will have plenty of time for relaxation. They won’t have to worry about doing things around the house, getting in the way, or any other tasks that might otherwise take a toll on their health. Their minds can continue to grow stronger as they engage in educational opportunities, or simply spend quiet time alone reading everything under the sun.

You can even teach them how to successfully maneuver the internet so you’re never out of touch. They don’t have to be constantly updating Twitter (although they might), but showing them how to surf the web for topics they’re interested in and being able to keep up with their friends and family on Facebook will be great for them.

Plenty of Healthy Activities to Participate In

Assisted living facilities are filled with plenty of healthy activities for your parents to enjoy. They will have so many opportunities available to them to do things they never got a chance to do when they were living on their own or with you. Whatever their hobbies are, they will be able to find something to do that they enjoy, and their life will be better because of it.

The amount of activities really plays a role on their happiness as well. The happiest retirees — with an average retirement age of 63 — regularly engage in three to four activities, while the least happy only participate in one or two.

Build Strong Friendships

Your parents will be able to communicate and have fun with so many like-minded people. At assisted living facilities, their new neighbors will be people who went through many of the same things and experienced life in relatively the same way.

Our elders can only tell the story of where they were when JFK was shot to their grandchildren so many times before it becomes stale. Talking about those events with their peers, however, will ignite a flame of interest and turn into great conversation. According to a ProMatura Group, LLC Independent Living Report, when elders are part of adult communities, they’re much more likely to make new friends and try new things, leading to a better experience than many expected.

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