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3 Reasons Why Retirement Facilities Actually Benefit Seniors

Senior Living Benefits

Senior living communities often get a bad reputation, mainly because of television and movies. Sure, when you’re well before retirement, you’d think you’d never want to live in retirement facilities, but once you are in that situation, you’ll quickly learn they aren’t nearly as bad as you might’ve thought.

There are many reasons why this is true. Elders go their entire lives without experiencing some of the things that retirement facilities have to offer. Here are a few reasons why retirement homes are underrated and can actually benefit seniors:

Offer Plenty of Activities
Living on your own as a senior can be kind of upsetting because you might not have the energy to do certain activities. However, retirement facilities will you to be able to participate in a plethora of fun activities. Golfing, reading, exercise, jogging, fishing, writing, and many others activities are available inside retirement communities that don’t just offer short-term pleasure but actually improve the participant’s mood and happiness. The happiest retirees take part in three to four regular activities while the least happy only engage in two or less. Despite what you may think, there is actually a lot of fun to be had in these communities.

Offer Plenty of Friendship
Another disadvantage of growing old by yourself is that you lose valuable relationships with people. However, you’ll have plenty of likeminded seniors inside retirement communities who you can connect to and become friends with. Your family is great and all, sure, but there is nothing better than having your own friends to talk to and share stories with, especially stories that you wouldn’t necessarily want your children or siblings to hear.

According to ProMatura Group, LLC’s Independent Living Report, when you become part of a retirement community, you are much more likely to gain new friends and try new things. Most retirees report a better experience than originally expected because of the friendships they made while living there.

Increase Overall Life Satisfaction
Add the activities you’ll be able to engage in and the friendships you will build, and you will have a pretty great time inside a retirement community. Wholly 89% of seniors living inside these communities rate their overall life satisfaction as either “good” or “excellent.”

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