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5 Ways to Prevent Memory Disorders

5 ways to prevent memory disorders

Alzheimer’s Disease International has declared September to be International Alzheimer’s Month, a time where people can become more aware of the effects of these diseases and what they can do to prevent them.

We understand that many seniors are concerned about their own health and the risks they face, so here are just 5 changes you can make to your daily life that will help protect you from Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Add More Brain Food to Your Diet

Want to increase your brain power and help prevent memory disorders? Try adding a little Mediterranean flavor to your diet! Studies show that eating more fruits, fish, and nuts can have positive effects on the functions of the brain. So the next time you’re planning your weekly menu or preparing a quick meal, look to the items that have omega-3 fatty acids for the biggest impact on your brain health.

Maintain Social Connections

It’s a sad fact that as we grow older, we are likely to drift away from our friends and longtime connections—but that doesn’t have to be the case. Making the effort to maintain these connections has been shown to aid in the health of the brain and the creation of neurons, as your mind is constantly being stimulated and your overall mood is increased. So pull out your address book, pick up the phone, and start reconnecting with friends and family today!

Stay Physically Active

Keeping physically active can definitely be a challenge as our bodies grow older, but the benefits of keeping fit are just too good to ignore. Physical activity gets your blood pumping which sends more oxygenated blood to the part of your brain that manages memory and emotions. This will ensure your brain stays healthier and your memories last longer.

Get Quality Sleep

Many people know that good sleep gives you the energy to take part in all the joys of life, but did you know that quality sleep can lead to quality brain health as well? Sleep improves the brain in a number of ways, with the two most important ways being:

Keep Your Stress and Anxiety Levels Low

We understand this is often easier said than done, but maintaining your mental health is key to a healthy mind. High levels of stress have been linked to oxidative damage in the brain and negative changes to the lobes that handle reasoning and emotion, leading to dangerous mood swings. Solutions to high levels of stress include mindfulness, meditation, and the hormones released from intensive physical activity.

Memory disorders like Alzheimer’s and dementia can easily cause anxiety if you’re worried about your brain’s health, but the good news is there are many things you can do in your daily life to keep your faculties intact. Give our personal care experts a call today at (434) 964-3897 or visit us online and see what our staff can do to help you and your loved ones stay safe and comfortable in your golden years.

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