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9 Senior-Friendly Outdoor Autumn Activities

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“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” – Jim Bishop

There’s no smell in the world quite like fresh, crisp Fall air. From the color-soaked trees to the coziness of your favorite sweater, there are many reasons to get outside and enjoy this wonderful season. 

Take time to create an Autumn bucket list from the following suggestions, then get outside and make it happen. 

  1. Apple picking. Many orchards allow customers to pick their own apples. This is a great way to enjoy the fall foliage without strenuous activity. 
  2. Bonfires and ghost stories. Stock up on marshmallows and hot chocolate and get cozy with a fun night telling ghost stories with your loved ones around the fire. 
  3. Take a ghost tour. Get in the spirit of Halloween with a ghost tour in your local area. Many towns offer them in the Fall and it’s a great way to learn more about your city. 
  4. Set up an outdoor theater. If you don’t have a projector, you can rent one fairly affordably. Set up an outdoor movie marathon with spooky favorites. 
  5. Painting pumpkins. Skip the mess and hassle of carving your pumpkins this year. Instead, break out the paint and brushes and create a masterpiece. 
  6. Create an indoor garden. There’s no better time to start your indoor garden than when the weather becomes too cold for outdoor growing. Paint some pots with your favorite colors and designs, grab the potting soil, and plant some of your favorite herbs. There’s nothing like fresh herbs in your food and salads in the cold of winter. 
  7. Attend a fall festival or fair. There are many festivals and fairs happening this time of year. Get out and browse the booths, play some games, enjoy some apple cider. 
  8. Take a hike. Download the AllTrails app on your phone and search for nearby trails that match your ability. Choose one with some great Fall color and take a stroll through the forest. 
  9. Plan a fall photo session. Get your loved ones together for an outdoor photo shoot with your favorite local photographer. The Fall foliage makes a beautiful backdrop for any photo. 

Use this list as a starting point for your Fall bucket list. Add some of your own to throw in activities that you truly enjoy (such as fishing, hunting, golfing, etc.). 

This time of year is also a popular time to make travel plans. As the worst part of COVID-19 seems to be in the rearview, many travel agencies are opening back up and in full swing again. Plan an exciting adventure that helps you enjoy the wonders of Autumn even more. Even a quick weekend getaway could be all you need to feel refreshed and invigorated.

Benefits Of Regular Outdoor Time

Seniors can benefit greatly from planning to get outdoors on a regular basis. Some of the benefits of daily fresh air include:

  • Improved mood. Even the darkest of spirits can be lifted by sitting outside with nature. 
  • Better sleep. Our bodies’ circadian rhythms are improved through daily time outdoors in the sunlight. 
  • Stronger immune system. Studies have shown that spending time in the forest regularly can improve your white blood cell count. Gardening and getting your hands dirty is another way to improve your immune function.
  • Maintain healthy vitamin D levels. It’s no secret that sunshine helps us meet our daily quota of vitamin D needed to maintain healthy bones, heart, and overall well being. Just be sure to take intentional sunscreen-free time in the sun each day to reap the benefits. 
  • Increased energy. Being outside in nature can help you feel more alive and invigorated. If you’re moving while outdoors, you’re also reaping the energy-boosting effects of exercise. 
  • Better relationships. Getting outside with friends and loved ones is a great way to improve your bond. Taking walks, playing golf, fishing, or playing yard games is a great way to connect and make memories. 

The right senior living community can provide many opportunities for daily outdoor activities to keep you motivated to get outdoors more often. Many communities also offer day trips and outings that keep their residents active and immersed in their local community. 

Discover what Bellaire at Stone Port could offer to you or your loved one by scheduling a tour today. We’d love to introduce you to our friendly team and wonderful resident family. You can rest assured knowing that you’ll enjoy life to the fullest in a safe and welcoming environment.


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