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Assisted Living Doesn’t Mean Abandoning Your Parents

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Let’s be honest: few people realized how stressful it would be caring for an aging parent, especially when he or she struggles with health conditions like Alzheimer’s. Sadly, many seniors are keenly aware of this. In one study by Genworth Financial about long-term illness, 55% of people said their deepest fear was being a burden on their loved ones, five times more than fear of death itself.

Whether you’re the child of an aging parent, a primary caregiver, facing retirement, or even all of the above, many people have pretty fixed notions about assisted living facilities in Virginia. Grim depictions of retirement communities in the media have planted this image in many people’s minds. Perhaps you imagine listless seniors sitting around in bathrobes, alone.

Fortunately, this is one instance where the truth is better than the fiction. The best retirement communities in Virginia don’t just provide room and board, but also crucial services like 24/7 nursing supervision, some of the best Alzheimer’s care Virginia has to offer, medication assistance, and more. Elite adult communities in Virginia also offer the amenities residents need to stay active, because it’s not enough to just live comfortably, it’s important to live happily.

In fact, in the 2009 Independent Living Report by the ProMatura Group, independent living residents reported making more friends and trying more new things AFTER moving into retirement communities (and older bachelors may be happy to learn that 74% of assisted living residents are women). If you’re considering moving your parents into adult communities in Virginia, then there are some important things you need to know before making any decisions:

Assisted Living is often the most compassionate decision you can make, for both caregivers and seniors. Often, caregivers put themselves under tremendous amounts of stress out of a sense of duty and love. In reality, the best retirement communities in Virginia can often provide a much higher level of full-time care.

Not all senior living communities are created equally. Some adult communities in Virginia offer nothing more than senior apartments, while others provide the memory care Virginia families rely on. Moreover, the best facilities offer amenities like computer access, beauty salons, fitness centers, outdoor patios, resident gardening, and more.

There are financial resources available to help you afford senior housing. Veteran’s Aide can help provide for veterans and their spouses, while financing and credit options are available as well, especially for seniors who own homes.

Always visit Virginia retirement communities in person. You may be surprised by just how happy the residents really are!

Finally, if you’re a primary caregiver, remember to give yourself a break. There are a number of tough choices ahead of you, but you aren’t alone in this journey.

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