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Common Myths About Assisted Living

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There are many misconceptions about Assisted Living out there. Many people have a distorted view of what Assisted Living is and the quality of life that residents of these communities experience. 

Myth 1: Assisted Living is just a nursing home. 

Busted! Assisted Living communities are not reminiscent of a hospital, with residents sharing one tiny room with two hospital beds. In fact, residents often enjoy their own private efficiency apartment, complete with a living area for entertaining guests, bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. These apartments are equipped with call bells in case of an emergency and are designed to be more accessible and safe for the resident. 

Residents enjoy as much autonomy as possible, while still receiving the level of care they need. Couples can live together in assisted living, even with varying levels of care needed.  

Many assisted living communities even offer additional medical and memory care services, as needed. 

Myth 2: The cost is too high.

Busted! The cost of assisted living is actually comparable to receiving the same care and services at home. Genworth’s 2019 Cost of Care Survey found that the median cost of assisted living is around $4,051 per month. This includes meals, transportation, activities, medication management, specialized care, assistance with daily tasks, and the apartment. Additionally, many communities have payment plans and even financial assistance programs available to those that qualify.

Myth 3: Seniors don’t like living in assisted living communities. 

Busted! While they may be hesitant to make the change at first, many seniors quickly begin to love their new community. Some surveys have shown that they feel that their personal quality of life greatly improved after moving to assisted living. 

The common misconception with assisted living is that the senior will lose their autonomy and privacy, but this is just not the case with assisted living. Independence is supported as much as possible and residents enjoy their own private apartments (which they can furnish and decorate how they like). 

Myth 4: The food is bad and the activities are dull. 

Busted! Senior living communities often have skilled, renowned chefs on their team that ensure the food is not only nutritious, but also delicious. Click here to view a sample menu from Bellaire at Stone Port. Quality food is important for seniors. Many communities have a nutritionist and professional chef on board to ensure the food is nourishing and savory. 

As far as activities go, most communities have a diverse calendar that suits any hobby or interest. Regular fitness classes, lounge areas for board or card games, outings, concerts, movies, cooking classes, art classes, crafting, gardening, golfing, fishing, and so much more. 

Seniors enjoy their favorite activities with their peers on a daily basis. Many report that their social lives flourished after moving to an assisted living community. 

Myth 5: Only family members should care for their loved ones.

Busted! Many family members feel personally responsible to care for their loved ones. Caregiving can be rewarding, fulfilling, and an extravagant act of service, for sure. But it can also add loads of stress, take away from the caregiver’s personal and social life, and even inhibit their ability to work or spend time with other important family members. Some studies show that caregiver burnout is common  and that caregivers will often neglect their own health and well-being to continue caring for their loved one. 

You cannot pour from an empty cup. If you’re depleted, the quality of care you’re providing will decline, even with your best efforts. 

Sometimes the most loving and caring thing you can do is to help your loved one get settled in a quality assisted living community where they have access to round-the-clock professional care every day. This way, you can visit your loved one regularly without the heavy burden of responsibility for their health and well-being. 

Many family members report their loved ones having improved quality of life after moving into an assisted living community, even after having reservations before the move. 

Want to see the reality of assisted living firsthand? We invite you to schedule a visit and meet our friendly team.

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