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Helping a Loved One Downsize into Senior Living Community

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Moving into a senior living community often comes as a significant transition. It can be quite challenging and a difficult decision to make. However, when the need for a large house disintegrates after retirement, it is often stressful for seniors to maintain their large homes. 

Maintaining a big house by one or two seniors calls for a lot of upkeep, maintenance, and sometimes extra utility costs that are not financially justified. But it is often tough to let go of the emotional attachment the seniors develop towards the house or their belongings. It is a time of their life when they need support from their loved ones. 

Tips for Easing the Stress of Downsizing

If you have a loved one who needs to downsize into the senior living community, follow some of these tips to make the process easier for them:

Don’t Rush It

It is natural for aging adults to resist the change. Leaving the home they have lived in for years is not an easy task. With physical abilities possibly declining, they may already be experiencing unwanted changes in their daily lives. 

Resisting downsizing into a senior living community is to be expected. We have to take the process slowly so that our loved ones can prepare for and accept the change. Take the time to listen to their concerns with empathy. Encourage them throughout the process and don’t push too hard or fast. 

Make a Plan 

Moving requires lots of pre-planning so that the process can be as smooth as possible. Downsizing calls for different levels of productivity on different days. You might need some friends and relatives to help during different stages of the process. Draft a plan and contact people to schedule their help on required days. Strive to make the process as stress-free for your senior loved one as possible. 

Get Organized 

Your loved ones have possessions that are valuable or sentimental to them. Before you decide to throw out or sell anything, go through each item and let the seniors decide what they want to keep and what they can let go of. 

Have your loved one put color-coded sticky notes on their possessions in each room that will let you know what should be sold, tossed, or kept. Organize one room at a time to keep the project manageable. 

Passing down furniture, jewelry, or a family heirlooms to family members and close friends is a great way to help your loved one downsize without “tossing out” some items that hold great sentimental value to them.

Visit the New Residence Often

The best way to help your loved one get comfortable with a living situation is to visit it frequently before the actual move-in. They can get acquainted with their new neighbors and begin to feel comfortable with the layout. Visit the new apartment with your loved one to help them feel comfortable. Make it fun by discussing how they will arrange the furniture and where they will put their decor. 

Why Choose Bellaire at Stone Port?

Bellaire at Stone Port is devoted to providing a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere where residents can easily transition, thrive and enjoy life – just like at home. From our caring and attentive team to enriching amenities that create a strong sense of community and friendship, our focus is to offer quality care that is personal and thoughtful.

Schedule a visit today. We know you or your loved one will be delighted by our caring staff, engaging activity calendar, spacious apartments, and many luxurious amenities. 

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