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How Our Music and Memory Program Can Help Your Loved One

Using Music to help Memory

No one likes to think about losing our memory as we age. But the truth is that one in three seniors passes away with Alzheimer’s Disease or another form of dementia. Our assisted living community is unique in that our senior care services do more than address the completion of daily tasks and provide nutritious daily meals for residents. We’re also able to provide the highest quality in memory care Virginia has to offer — partially because of our “Music and Memory” program.

Our staff members are trained specifically in proper senior care techniques for those with Alzheimer’s and other dementia conditions. A substantial part of our methodology is that we treat our residents as unique individuals, each with specific needs and desires. When it comes to elder care, especially for those with dementia, we believe one size does not fit all.

Dementia diseases can often make seniors feel isolated and unable to communicate. But “Music and Memory” communities can help bridge this gap. Music is deeply connected to our memories. Nothing can demonstrate this better than the way in which those with memory conditions react to hearing a beloved tune from the past. Even those with severe dementia diseases can benefit from personalized, therapeutic music. It can produce an emotional recall unparalleled by any other type of treatment.

The benefits of music programs for dementia have been well-documented and observed by renowned researchers. Although your loved one may not recall places or names from his and her past, the memories associated with these old familiar songs may be brought back through this program. It can also help dementia patients redevelop social skills by creating a connection to others and the world around them. Overall, personalized playlists comprised of music they love will provide pleasure and calmness, and will allow them to live more fully.

Music is an immensely powerful tool at our disposal. It can help your loved one reconnect to the world. It can also decrease the need for certain medications in some cases. Above all, our “Music and Memory” program can help seniors living in assisted living facilities to recapture memories thought to be long gone. To find out more about how our Memory Care program can help enrich your loved one’s life, contact us today.

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