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How to Find Happiness in Old Age

Happy old age

Far too many people believe that once you reach a certain age — whether it’s 65, 69, 72, etc. — you can no longer get any happier. That is not true at all. Happiness can be just as easily achieved by those who are in the latter years of life as those who are much younger.

In the United States, 63-years-old is the average age of retirement. That doesn’t mean that once a person hits 63 they have nothing else going for them. They still matter to their families, to their businesses, to their projects, to their friends and to themselves. Even in retirement homes, seniors can achieve great amounts of happiness. They just have to actively work towards it.

Happiness levels are high in elder communities: wholly 89% of residents rate their satisfaction as either “good,” or “excellent.” These senior living communities have some of the most active, smiling, and outgoing people in the world, even more energetic than their younger counterparts. Why?

There are a few reasons why elders can find happiness and everyone’s situation is different, but the opportunities that are in retirement homes greatly benefit elders.

The relationships that you build while inside senior living communities are just as strong if not stronger than any relationship you might’ve had over the years. Your family is obviously great and it’s always nice to talk to them, but you can’t connect with them like you can with someone who is in the same situation as you.

Seniors who live in elder housing have experienced just as much life as anyone else in there. The stories that can be shared are magical and they will help strengthen the friendships overtime.

ProMatura Group, LLC, released an Independent Living Report in 2009 stating that when elders get involved with senior living communities, they’re much more likely to make new friends and have a better overall experience than they originally expected.

Follow Your Passions
Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your passions. In fact, if you worked your whole life and unfortunately never got a chance to follow your passion, being retired means you should definitely chase your passion.

Doing something that you love to do each and every day makes life that much better. Don’t think for one second — no matter your circumstances — that you can’t follow your passions. Maybe you are passionate about rock climbing but your old age doesn’t permit you to follow that dream. Well, start a blog about rock climbing. Write a book about all your rock climbing experiences or dreams. Don’t let anything stop you from doing what you love.

Don’t Worry
You probably spent half of your life stressed out and worried anyways. It’s time to just relax and calm down. You’re wise enough to know that things happen and a lot of problems in this world are inevitable. There is no use in worrying about them when you can’t control them. Just smile and enjoy every day on this great planet.

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