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How to Thrive in Senior Living Communities

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Despite what popular culture might try to get us to think, being old doesn’t mean you have to be miserable. There are plenty of ways to be just as happy or even happier in your old age. It’s just not as easy.

When you’re young, you can pretty much do anything with no consequences. That’s not the case when you’re in your 60s, 70, 80s and beyond. You have to plan out your meals, your medications, your activities and just about everything else.

Residing in senior living communities is another thing that popular culture wants us to think is a horrible thing. That’s not always the case at all. There are retirement homes that have some of the happiest seniors in the world. Here is how to thrive in these adult communities:

Wholly 81% of retired elders say that good health is the most important ingredient for a happy life post retirement. This includes staying on top of all your medications. You can’t just do one thing in your old age and expect to have the body like you did a few years ago. You have to know your limits. It’s important to know exactly when, what, and how much of your medication you need to take. You also have to do other important health-related activities like eating right, getting an acceptable amount of sleep, and exercising.

Stay Active
Staying alive both mentally and physically can do wonders for yourself as you age. If you are lazy and just sit on the couch as life passes you by, you won’t be doing very well. But if you are active, you will feel much more alive. The least happy retirees only engage in one, maybe two, activities. That’s not enough to stay active and happy. The happiest retirees take part in three to four (or many more) regular activities and are much more engaged. Go golfing, read books, draw, play tennis, or do anything that will get you either moving or thinking. It will truly help.

Build Relationships
ProMatura Group, LLC, released a report stating that when elders become a part of senior living communities, they are much more likely to have friends and try new things with those friends. Family members are great, but they can’t offer you the same engaging conversation as true friends can. Senior living communities have plenty of likeminded elders who are excited to try new things.

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