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Retirement Homes Benefit Seniors More Than Expected

Retirement Homes

There is sometimes a tremendous amount of guilt associated with having to place parents into retirement homes. The truth is that much of that guilt is unwarranted. Retirement homes do not have to be looked at in a negative way. They actually many benefits. In fact, people often enjoy their time spent in retirement homes.

Just under 90% of all independent living residents stated that their overall satisfaction with their living situation is “good or excellent.” Also, nearly 85% of independent living residents agree that they would recommend their community to someone else.

Retirement facilities can actually be a lot of fun, you just have to do the right research. Finding senior living adult communities that will take proper care of your loved ones is extremely important.

The retirement homes that offer plenty of activities for elders to take part in are, typically, the best options. Elders that are able to partake in more than three activities regularly live the happiest lives. Elders who only engage in one or two activities are the least happy.

Families sometimes feel guilty that their loved ones are going into retirement communities and leaving their own homes, but they will most likely be even less lonely than before. A study done by ProMatura Group, LLC, stated that becoming part of an independent living community enables you to make new friends and try new things. The overwhelming majority of elders report a better experience than they originally expected.

Some loved ones require more attention and medication than others, but these communities are capable of assisting anyone, no matter their situation. These residences provide supervision 24 hours a day in case anyone needs assistance.

Here are a few other services these residences typically provide:

    • Three meals a day plus a few snacks.
    • Healthcare services.
    • Medication organization and management.
    • General maintenance and housekeeping.
    • Laundry and cleaning services.
    • Personal care services.
    • Transportation arrangements.
    • Social services.

The professionals who work at these assisted living communities are fully trained on how to deal with residents, no matter their situation. Whether it’s providing care to someone with Alzheimer’s disease, or just providing company to someone, they are there to help make your loved one feel at home.

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