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Retirement Homes: They Might Actually be a Lot of Fun

Senior Living Benefits

So many difficult things are thrown at us throughout life — from adolescence when we first start dealing with responsibilities to old age when we have to deal with some of life’s most difficult decisions.

Watching our parents get older and start to struggle can be one of the hardest things in the world to watch, but it’s important to know there is still plenty of time left and plenty of things you can do to improve their lives.

Sending your parents or elderly loved ones to senior living retirement homes does not have to be a negative thing like it is often portrayed. Many elders end up having a much better time in adult communities than they would in their original living situations.

According to ProMatura Group, LLC research, when an elderly person becomes a part of an independent living adult community, they’re much more likely to try new things in life and end up making new friends. No matter how old a person is, new friends are always welcome and can brighten your life.

Elders are usually skeptical about retirement homes, and so it makes it that much more difficult on the people involved in the decision. That’s why it’s important to do some research, take them on visits to various senior apartments, and let them experience things for themselves. If they keep an open mind and are not actively trying not to enjoy it just to be stubborn, there is a solid chance that they actually will have a much better time than they originally expected.

Movies and depressing television shows often shine a negative light on retirement homes, but that simply is not the case. In a survey of MONEY readers, it was found that just under half (48%) of retirees reported being much happier in retirement than they thought they would have. Your family will not just be tossed in a lonely corner like movies sometimes do; they will be able to experience new activities and interact with all kinds of people.

Of all the retirees there are in the world today, the happiest of them are active and enjoy all they can. The happiest retirees engage in far more regular activities (three to four) than the least happy retirees (only one or two, but sometimes less).

Obviously, these discussions and decisions have to be handled with care. This is a person’s life you are talking about — don’t just cast them aside. They have to be just as involved. Doing research and taking visits will allow you to find the perfect fit for the whole family.

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