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Talking to Your Loved One About Assisted Living? Show Them These 3 Benefits in a Respectful Way

Assisted Living Benefits

Talking with elderly parents or loved ones about their care can be a difficult conversation. You have to be careful to not talk down to them, as they are still your elders and you should respect them. But sometimes it’s harder for them to understand the benefits of entering into an assisted living community.

Here are a few of the positive reasons for residing in an assisted living community that you should bring up in your discussion. Just remember that you can’t force anything, because that will make the situation much worse. Lay out the facts as clearly as you can and then truly listen to what they have to say. After that, maybe you both can figure out what the next step should be.


Your elderly loved one will have an opportunity to build strong friendships with plenty of other seniors within these retirement homes. The average age of retirement in the U.S. is about 63, and many people living in adult communities are right around that age, while others are well past even their 70s and 80s. So no matter how old your parent or loved one is, they’ll always have people around their age to interact with. That doesn’t mean a 60-year-old and a 95-year-old can’t be friends, however, and they’ll be plenty of great conversations to be had and life experiences to share.

Opportunity for Activities

At an assisted living community, there are many activities to engage in that are both physical and nonphysical. Exercise is a great way to keep the mind and body stronger and feeling younger, so taking part in fitness activities like Zumba, Tai Chi, golf, long walks, and regular workouts can be extremely valuable. There are also plenty of social activities to participate in, like chess and other games, dances, day trips, and other social celebrations.

Nutritional and Medicinal Assistance

For adults of all ages, keeping track of specific medications can be very difficult. It becomes increasingly difficult as people age and more and more medications are prescribed. At assisted living facilities, there are professionals that work there whose main focus is to ensure that each individual is getting the correct kind and amount of medication and nutrition.

Talking to your elderly loved ones about these facilities can be tough, but if you outline all the benefits in a respectful way, the conversation should go much smoother.

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