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Talking to Your Parent About Senior Living? Here Are 3 Important Questions to Ask

Talking to parents about assisted living

When making important life decisions, some adults talk to their elderly parents in the same tone they talk to their young children. Aside from the fact that it’s disrespectful — these seniors are the same people who changed their kids’ diapers, helped them grow into the men and women they are today, and saw them at their lowest lows — nothing gets accomplished when that patronizing tone is used.

If you’re planning on having a serious conversation with your parents or an aging loved one about their living arrangements and where to go from here, you can’t just go in and offer them a snack like you would with your kids. You have to genuinely put some thought into it, and have a clear, concise, and engaging conversation about it.

Senior housing facilities can be great for elders, and wholly 89.3% of residents state their overall satisfaction as “good” or “excellent,” but it’s still a difficult conversation to have. If you don’t listen to what they have to say and show a genuine interest in their wellbeing, nothing will get done.

There are a few constructive ways to have this discussion with your aging parent, without angering them and while still outlining the positives of senior housing.

Would You Enjoy More Company?

Even if you live right down the street from an elderly parent, you and them both know that it’s difficult to see them all the time. They were likely a working parent at some point, too, so they know what you’re dealing with and how busy you are. Nevertheless, they may be lonely and could use a little more regular company and conversation. Retirement homes are full of like-minded seniors who would love to share stories, swap experiences, and just enjoy each other’s company.

Do You Want Help With Important Matters?

Another difficult part about growing older is struggling to do things that were easily done at a younger age. Maybe your parent is having trouble keeping up with their medication schedule, or maybe they have lost their cooking ability over the years, or they can’t quite see well enough to read the mysteries and biographies they once devoured. Senior housing workers can assist elders who are struggling with these kinds of issues.

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

This is one instance in which you should say the same thing to your parent as you would to your child! The worst misconception about old age is that their time is already up. That’s not the case at all. There is still plenty of time for them to accomplish things they’ve always wanted to do. Maybe their lifelong dream of winning an Olympic gold medal is unattainable at this point in their athletic career, but really talk to them about what passions they have and figure out how to achieve their goals. Maybe they want to write a novel about an Olympian, record their memories of being a university track-and-field star, or learn how to Zumba. Talk to them about their dreams; it’ll mean a lot to them.

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